Starting The Blog

I got it in my head a couple of weeks ago (while Barbara and I were docked at a marina in Ft. Myers Beach, FL) to start a blog for our Passport 40, Dream SeQueL. I have no idea how diligent we’ll be at blogging, but I imagine we’ll post from time to time, especially when interesting things happen.

Unfortunately, we’re not really cruising at this time. I have my day job, which keeps me massively overloaded most of the time. Barbara runs Sheltie Rescue of Utah, which is much more than a full-time job. And we live in Utah, while Dream SeQueL lives in Florida. But, Poseidon willing, we intend to start traveling to Florida more frequently and doing more cruising. Maybe by the time we retire in a few years, we’ll know whether we plan to cross oceans, or enjoy coastal cruising for a while longer.

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