July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 0

Well, tomorrow, we set off on our drive from Salt Lake City, UT, to Clearwater Beach, FL. We plan to drive two long days to Lake Charles, LA, where Jim’s 95 year old mother lives, then stay there for a 3-day visit. On Saturday, July 31, we plan to drive the remaining distance to Clearwater Beach, where Dream SeQueL lives.

We’re taking one of our Shelties (Abby) with us in the hopes that she’ll enjoy sailing. If she does well, then we’d take her with us whenever we finally cast off the dock lines and go cruising. We’re flying back to Utah on August 20, bringing Abby back with us, of course. Actually, we’re leaving our car there (at the home of a friend-of-a-friend, who has agreed to start it and drive it around the block once a week to keep the battery charged and the tires from developing flat spots. A second Sheltie, a rescue named Peyton, is going with us, but he’s being adopted by a gentleman in Port Richey, FL, and will remain there after we leave.

As always, there’re a million things to do when preparing to leave for an extended trip (this one will be 25 days including travel time). Barbara’s spent the last 4 days completely occupied with preparing feeding, medication, and other care instructions for our live-in pet-sitter, plus running various errands to get the car we’re taking ready for a long trip. I’ve been hard at work getting my day job’s loose ends all tied up so I won’t be missed (too much) while I’m gone. We’ll be on line irregularly while we’re down there, but it’s hard to do any real day job work when the day is consumed with working on the boat, going for day sails, or heading off for a short cruise.

I’m sure we won’t blog every day on this trip, but we’ll try to update the tale whenever there’s something to say.

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