July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 16

Finally! After being here a week and a half, we went sailing! We’d fixed enough of the problems on the boat to feel that we could afford to take a day off and enjoy the boat for a change.

As usual, we got a later-than-planned start, and we decided to stop at the Clearwater Marina to take on fuel before we went out. (I’ve got to get some sensors and a readout system installed so I have a way to determine how much fuel I’ve got in the tanks without opening the access ports.) Much to our surprise, she took only about 21 or 22 gallons of diesel! The last time we refueled was in December just before we motored back to home dock from Fort Myers Beach, nearly 150 miles away.

Making matters less pleasant, we noticed as we were preparing to cast off that the Raymarine E80 at the helm didn’t display any instrument data or the chart that it is supposed to get from the E120 at the nav station! Nothing we did seemed to make a difference. Not that we needed it to navigate our way out and back in through very familiar waters, but it’s just something else that has to be fixed. Grrrr…

We didn’t have really high hopes for the wind (summer is not the best season for sailing on the west coast of Florida), but it wasn’t even that good. We had winds ranging from 4 kts all the way up to about 7 kts, with the occasional gust to 10 kts. So, after sitting in the oven cockpit (under our brand new bimini) for a couple of hours, we gave up, fired up the engine, and motored back to the dock. Abby was very hot and didn’t have a good time at all. Same with Barbara. Heck…same with me, too.

Later in the evening, Steve drove down from Hudson to bring Peyton to stay with us while he is in Colorado for about a week. Peyton seemed slightly confused about being back with us, but not the least bit unhappy.

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