July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 17

Well, today we tackled a couple of electronics problems, starting with the fact that the E80 chartplotter at the helm isn’t being seen by, and doesn’t see, the E120 at the nav station. Last night, I filed a request for help with Raymarine on their website, and today they’d given me a number of things to try. One of those was to upgrade the software in both chartplotters to the latest version. I didn’t expect that to make a difference and it didn’t; still, it’s better to have the latest software than not. They also advised me to check things like possibly corrupted serial numbers, duplicate IP addresses, and the like, but all of those looked fine.

Barbara and I tried an Ethernet cable that I carry around with me (to use with my laptop in hotels, etc.), but it made no difference, so I went back to the Raymarine site and gave them an update on my progress. I got another response later today that made a few other suggestions, but they didn’t pan out, either. At this point, we decided to quit banging our heads against that particular wall.

Another thing we worked on today was getting the Xaxero WeatherFax 2000 software (that we’d purchased along with our iCom M802 SSB and its SCS PTC-II USB radio modem) working. I called the company from which we’d purchased the equipment (SeaTech Systems) to enlist their help. While we chatted, the person on the other end of the line was installing the software herself. By the time she got it working, she had already suggested a couple of things for me to try, all dealing with how my laptop interfaced with the modem. Her suggestions worked just fine and I started receiving weather faxes almost immediately! Still have a problem in that weather faxes that we save and reopen no longer have any visible content. Sigh…another day.

The weather looks promising for tomorrow (predicting 15kt winds, 2-3′ seas), so we’re going sailing again!

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