July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 20

No wind today, according to the weather reports and Sirius weather data. So, we’re not going sailing.

Instead, we’re going to tackle a problem that we’ve tried successfully to ignore for the last four or five years: organizing spares and equipment. I’m not looking forward to doing this, but I’m sure looking forward to having it done!


Man, I’m tired. But we made a very impressive amount of progress on organizing things. We went through all of the lockers, drawers, bilge sections, and the “garage” to find everything that smacked of being a spare part, a spare pump/alternator/whatever, and then started separating them into categories. The idea was to put, for example, all spare parts associated with the engine into one place. Turns out that it’s not necessarily that simple. In this case, we’ve got a spare head gasket, a spare oil pan gasket, and a spare valve cover gasket that have to be kept flat so they don’t get bent or dented. But we managed to get most of our engine parts (as well as some special tools needed to overhaul the engine) into one place. The gaskets and a couple of other things now live hidden “inside” one of the settees, atop one of the water tanks, where they’re less accessible and less prone to damage.

We created categories for other things, too, such as parts associated with our Monitor windvane steering system, parts associated with handling water (including manual bilge pump rebuild kits, fresh water pressure pump rebuild kit, etc.), sewing and repair kits, electrical/electronic parts, etc. And we actually got it all put away in places that we hope make sufficient sense that we’ll remember where a part is when we need it in a hurry 😉

After we had everything hauled out and organized, but before we’d finished putting things away, we figured it’d be a nice day to go to Don’s Salvage Yard a few miles away on the southern edge of Clearwater. Off we went, looking forward to spending two or three hours looking for whatever seemed like it’d be useful. After floundering around a bit trying to find it, we got to the gates…where we found a sign saying that they’re open only on the first Saturday of every month, and otherwise only on weekdays. Sigh…maybe we’ll try again on a weekday if we have the time.

After we got back to the boat from that little expedition, we finished putting all our parts away and headed over to Tommy Duff’s bar!

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