July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 25

I can’t leave well enough alone…always something else I want to get done. Today, while Barbara was collecting laundry and going up to the house to use the washer and dryer, I was putting stuff away all over the boat…especially tools, which tend to end up scattered all over hell’s half acre.

While some of the laundry was in the machines, Barbara and I disassembled part of the ship’s compass housing so I could augment the LED I’d recently installed with a second LED to make the compass easier to read at night. We’re using red LEDs so looking at the compass won’t spoil our night vision. It was somewhat time-consuming, but I wanted to be sure that we did it right.

After that, we tightened down all three padeyes against the 5200 that had bonded to both the padeye/backing plate and to the cockpit locker walls. They really look nice, they’re strong, and we feel great about the job we did.

For the rest of the day, until about 22:00, we vacuumed the boat (man, Abby sheds…there was dog hair everywhere!), scrubbed the stove and the counter tops, put things away, shut through-hulls, disconnected things that shouldn’t stay connected while we’re gone (e.g., the crystal stabilizing heater for the SSB), did more laundry, put the inflatable dinghy back into the quarter berth (no, not inflated, silly!), cleaned the cockpit cushions and put them into the quarter berth, dismounted the MOM-8 and put it away, …, well, you get the idea.

Our dock-lord, Ron, offered to go with us to drop off the car at the friend-of-a-friend where we’re going to leave the car when we’re not there in Clearwater. That was very generous and considerate of him, because it meant that we could park the car and put on its car cover in the daylight, instead of having to do it under pressure, in the dark, at 4:00 the next morning. Plus it meant we can sleep an extra 45 minutes tomorrow and don’t have to get out of bed until 04:00.

By now, we’re completely packed, have everything ready to go in the morning, and we’re just relaxing for a half-hour before going to sleep. I’m sad to be leaving (back to the day job!), but pleased with the amount of work we got done.

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