July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 6

Again, we’re pretty tired. The drive across Louisiana on I-10 wasn’t too bad until we approached Baton Rouge, where construction on and near the Mississippi River Bridge created a bit of traffic backup, but we were soon past that and onto I-12 across the “toe of the boot” forming Louisiana’s southeast section, then back onto I-10 into Mississippi, Alabama, and finally Florida’s panhandle.

As we passed Florida’s capital city (Tallahassee), we left the Interstate and dropped onto an ordinary US highway for the rest of the way to Clearwater. At first, there was no traffic to speak of and speeds were delightfully high. But, as we moved south past Florida’s “big bend” area (where the panhandle curves down to the peninsula), we started encountering towns small and large with their traffic, speed limits, and traffic lights, and the driving got slower and slower. But we did make it to the boat in Clearwater Beach around midnight, just as we’d predicted.

The dogs were also very tired, as well as hungry, since we didn’t stop to feed them during the drive. So, as soon as we got the electricity turned on in the boat, we filled a water bowl for them and prepared to prepare their dinner. To our surprise, neither Abby nor Peyton would touch the water! So we smelled it and nearly gagged. Sigh…apparently, we’d gotten a bit of an algae problem, which meant that the water tanks would have to be drained, scrubbed, sterilized, rinsed, sterilized, rinsed, sterilized, rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed.

But that’s not going to start until tomorrow. Right now, we’re crashing! (The dogs did get dinner and water…we had a few bottled of water that we used for them.)

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