July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Days 3, 4, & 5

Nothing of importance to say for these three days. We’ve been visiting with my mother and doing very little else. Her short-term memory is virtually gone, but at least her reasoning powers are intact, as is her long-term memory.

On Thursday, she decided she’d like to have some crab legs, so we drove all over town trying to find some. Unfortunately, nobody at all had any (well, two of the casinos had them at their buffets, but we couldn’t talk ’em into letting us buy any to take home). Happily, we did discover that a seafood store in town had fresh (not frozen), cleaned crab meat, already prepared, so we bought a full pound (at $20!) for Mom, who was delighted.

During our search for crab legs (at one of the casinos, in fact), we were asked by an African-American woman if we could possibly give her a ride home, as she’d been dropped off by her uncle who wasn’t able to come back to get her. Naturally, we were happy to do so. But the woman seemed somewhat grim, not quite sullen. We asked if she was OK and she replied that she’d been asking people for a ride for hours and that one “white lady” made her cry. Of course, we asked what had been said, and she said that “the lady called me a n*****”!! I was appalled, as was Barbara, when the woman clarified that the lady had told her “I wouldn’t let a n***** ride in my car for nothing”. Jeez…in this day and age, racism is alive and well. We both apologized to the woman for what had been said to her, but I remain shell-shocked that anybody would say anything like that to anybody.

Tomorrow morning early, we plan to leave for Clearwater Beach for our nearly three weeks on Dream SeQueL. This evening, we’ll repack and reload the car, then head out for the 875-mile drive. Because we’ll change timezones yet again, I can’t imagine that we’ll arrive much before midnight local time. Sigh…

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