To The Bahamas, Part 12: Crab Cay to Green Turtle Cay

2012-04-15; 20:00 — Green Turtle Cay, White Sound, Green Turtle Club Marina slip #14

Another very easy and pretty short day. We weighed anchor just before 11:00 after having our breakfast and doing a few boat chores. The wind was still from the east today (as it really should be most of the time), so we motored our from our little anchorage behind Crab Cay into “open water” (such as it is), and raised the sails. With the wind having the right direction and force (12 to about 18 kts), we sailed the rest of the way to Green Turtle Cay. Along the way, we passed by the famous Centre of the World Rock.

April 2012 Dream SeQueL Trip 072 -Centre of the World Rock in the Seabof Abaco, BahamasWell, we’d never heard of it before reading about it in the Cruising Guide, but they say it’s famous and we have no evidence with which to dispute the claim. Apparently, when viewed from the air, the rock looks a bit like a donut — a round bit of rock with a circular hole — or a bullseye. Why “Centre of the World”? To quote Bubble (c.f., “Absolutely Fabulous“), “Who can say?”

Actually, just about a half mile outside of the entrance to White Sound, we dropped the sails and fired up the engine. The entrance into White Sound is supposed to be very narrow and very shallow, so we wanted the positive control of the engine, and were going to really creep in. In the end, it took us more than 15 minutes just to find the entrance into White Sound!

Once we found it, we gently motored in, discussing the strangeness of the colored mooring balls we were seeing instead of the more common white ones. In fact the mooring balls all seemed to be on one side of the entrance and seemed to be a random mixture of red and green.

April 2012 Dream SeQueL Trip 146 -One of the bouys marking channel into and out of White Sound on Green Turtle Cay

Oops! Frank figured out, before I ran us aground again, that those “mooring balls” were, in fact, the channel markers and we were nowhere near the actual channel. I turned us hard to starboard immediately and took us directly to the first green (port side) marker, then turned hard a-port into the truly narrow channel. At times, the port and starboard markers/balls were less than 16 feet apart and our beam is 12½ feet!

April 2012 Dream SeQueL Trip 145 -Following the channel out of White Sound on Green Turtle Cay

Frank was pretty busy stationed at the bow and signalling instructions about turning this way or that to stay in the channel. Even so, and even though it was pretty close to high tide, we showed 6.2′ of water in a couple of spots (and we draw at least 5.75′). Obviously, we can’t get out except at or near high tide tomorrow.

April 2012 Dream SeQueL Trip 095 -Map of Green TurtleCay

The first thing we did when we arrived here was to fill our fuel tanks at the Green Turtle Club Marina‘s fuel dock. The fuel dock guy, Lance, was extremely helpful and patient (we refuel rather slowly, as do many sailboats). He even ran around to the pier where our slip was located to help guide us into the slip and help us tie up there. Except for the customs guy back at West End, he’s the first Bahamian we’ve actually met since we arrived. And he was very, very nice and helpful and friendly. I think we’re going to like it here!

April 2012 Dream SeQueL Trip 081 -Dream SeQueL tied up at Green Turtle Cay Marina

April 2012 Dream SeQueL Trip 138 -Green Turtle Cay Marina -1

<<All photographs Copyright © Frank Pellow, 2012. Used with permission.>>

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