To The Bahamas, Part 6: Miami (still)

2012-04-09, 22:00 — Miami, Miamarina, slip #C-1

Time slips away, doesn’t it? I meant to blog on Saturday night, then again on Sunday night, but failed miserably. At least it’s only Monday night, right?

Lemme see if I can recall what we did over the last three days.

Saturday morning, we got up early and […]

To The Bahamas, Part 5: Miami

2012-04-06, 21:30 — Miami, Miamarina

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that our arrival at Miamarina had some minor hiccoughs (“hiccups”) associated with it. Barbara phoned (radioed?) the Marina for a reservation, and the dockmaster and office people were all out. The accountant was there and tried hard to be helpful, saying that he […]

To The Bahamas, Part 3: Charlotte Harbor to Key West

2012-04-03, 21:00 — Key West, A&B Marina

We left our little anchorage just inside the Charlotte Harbor entrance at about 09:45 yesterday morning (2012-04-02), planning a roughtly 56-hour nonstop sail (and/or motor) to Miami. Our planned route would have taken us through a pass (Boca Grande Channel) just barely east of the Marquesas (uninhabited small […]

Where To Next?

It’s been a rather long time since I’ve written a post in this blog. Life has been extremely busy and higher priority activities have gotten in the way of leisure. But spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about our next sailing trip.

We don’t get to visit Dream SeQueL nearly as much […]

Our First Cruising Guests

In January, 2008, a technical standards committee that I chair had a week-long meeting in Orlando, FL. One of the committee members, a friend of mine named Jonathan, is a small-boat sailor and we’d spent a bit of time talking about sailing, Dream SeQueL, what it’s like to sail larger boats, and the like. Jonathan […]