To The Bahamas, Part 9: Great Sale Cay to Hawksbill Cays

2012-04-13, around midnight — Just west of the Hawksbill Cays, Bahamas


Here’s what my logbook entry shows for today:

And, as the line from the Rocky Horror Picture Show goes, “that ain’t no jive”. So far, this has been a really, really, REALLY, bad day. Actually, in fairness, the really bad part didn’t […]

Rant: Re-arming inflatable life vests

I’ve been struggling a lot recently with researching a large number of issues related to getting Dream SeQueL into (and keeping her in) top condition. And many of the items I discover that require work first require research — if not for “how to”, then at least “where to buy”. I suspect there are going […]

I Got Dem Old DB Blues

DB is, of course, the Dreaded Blisters!

It’s been several months since I’ve blogged, mostly because my day job has been more-than-usually overwhelming. But Barbara and I had planned a long trip to Florida to work on and sail Dream SeQueL during August of this year. Neither of us had been down since the end […]

How She Got Her Name

Everybody we meet wonders why we named our P40 what we did: Dream SeQueL. The unexpected capitalization (using the so-called camel-case convention) offers a clue, but only to the cogniscenti.

After we purchased our new boat, which was at the time named La Brisa, we debated whether to retain her name or select a new […]