July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 25

I can’t leave well enough alone…always something else I want to get done. Today, while Barbara was collecting laundry and going up to the house to use the washer and dryer, I was putting stuff away all over the boat…especially tools, which tend to end up scattered all over hell’s half acre.

While some of […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 23

Today was a pretty long day, but we got a bunch of stuff accomplished.

First, we decided to go ahead and drill the holes for two more padeyes in the cockpit; these are on the larger, unvented locker on the port side of the cockpit. After drilling the holes, we started cleaning the surfaces, both […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 22

It’s started to get hard to remember what day of the week and what date “day n” is. Today is Monday, August 16, and it’s day 22 of our trip.

Last December, when we were motoring back to Clearwater Beach from Ft. Myers Beach, the autopilot clutch started popping “out of gear”. We have a […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 20

No wind today, according to the weather reports and Sirius weather data. So, we’re not going sailing.

Instead, we’re going to tackle a problem that we’ve tried successfully to ignore for the last four or five years: organizing spares and equipment. I’m not looking forward to doing this, but I’m sure looking forward to having […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 19

More work on the electronics today. (I’m beginning to understand why our buddy and caretaker Earle cautioned us about too many toys…they break and have to be fixed.)

I checked on the Raymarine site and discovered a new response. Most of it reiterated things for me to check. One thing they said, though, was to […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 17

Well, today we tackled a couple of electronics problems, starting with the fact that the E80 chartplotter at the helm isn’t being seen by, and doesn’t see, the E120 at the nav station. Last night, I filed a request for help with Raymarine on their website, and today they’d given me a number of things […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Days 13, 14, and 15

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know…blog every day or you lose the information.

Well, I’ve lost the information. I know we have done a whole bunch of stuff, but for the life of me, I can only think of a few things.

One thing we attempted to do was haul Barbara up the mast to the lower […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 12

Today was a bit slow. I think we’re both kinda tired and not a little disheartened by what seems to be too many things that have to be done…more unplanned things than we’d expected.

I did manage to get the lid of the “battery box” (which also serves as the base on which the companionway […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Days 9, 10, and 11

OK, I’ve been a bit delinquent in blogging, but I have a good excuse, really! (I just can’t remember what it is )

On Tuesday, we drove the nearly 30 miles up to Hudson (just north of Port Richey) to take Peyton to his new home. Abby came with us, of course. Peyton’s new daddy, […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 8

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…

OK, let’s see…what did we do today? Ah, of course! We drained the water tanks again, cleaned a bunch of debris and silt from the bottoms, refilled them with an even stronger solution of bleach, ran the bleach-water through all the pipes, and left ’em to sit overnight one […]