To The Bahamas, Part 3: Charlotte Harbor to Key West

2012-04-03, 21:00 — Key West, A&B Marina

We left our little anchorage just inside the Charlotte Harbor entrance at about 09:45 yesterday morning (2012-04-02), planning a roughtly 56-hour nonstop sail (and/or motor) to Miami. Our planned route would have taken us through a pass (Boca Grande Channel) just barely east of the Marquesas (uninhabited small […]

To The Bahamas, Part 2: Eggmont Key to Charlotte Harbor

2012-04-01, 22:30 — just inside Boca Grande Pass into Charlotte Harbor

We set sail this morning at 08:40, weighing anchor and heading south. We got a bit unnerved because the engine was somewhat reluctant to start and then stalled a couple of times at idle. (We’ve decided that it was likely caused by air in […]