To The Bahamas, Part 8: Great Sale Cay

2012-04-12, 20:00 — Great Sale Cay, Northwest Harbour

We made the decision — almost by default — this morning to not go anywhere at all, but to take a kind of rest day right here in this peaceful anchorage. I said “almost by default” in part because Barbara and Frank let me sleep in. In […]

To The Bahamas, Part 7: Miami to West End and Great Sale Cay

2012-04-11, 19:30 — Great Sale Cay, Northwest Harbour anchorage

Yesterday, we were up bright and early. Well, early. Well, we got up, anyway. The first thing we had to do was return the rental Fiat to Enterprise. Frank and I drove over there around 08:00, turned the car in, and walked the 10 or 12 […]

To The Bahamas, Part 6: Miami (still)

2012-04-09, 22:00 — Miami, Miamarina, slip #C-1

Time slips away, doesn’t it? I meant to blog on Saturday night, then again on Sunday night, but failed miserably. At least it’s only Monday night, right?

Lemme see if I can recall what we did over the last three days.

Saturday morning, we got up early and […]