July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 19

More work on the electronics today. (I’m beginning to understand why our buddy and caretaker Earle cautioned us about too many toys…they break and have to be fixed.)

I checked on the Raymarine site and discovered a new response. Most of it reiterated things for me to check. One thing they said, though, was to […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 17

Well, today we tackled a couple of electronics problems, starting with the fact that the E80 chartplotter at the helm isn’t being seen by, and doesn’t see, the E120 at the nav station. Last night, I filed a request for help with Raymarine on their website, and today they’d given me a number of things […]

July/August 2010 Sailing Trip — Day 16

Finally! After being here a week and a half, we went sailing! We’d fixed enough of the problems on the boat to feel that we could afford to take a day off and enjoy the boat for a change.

As usual, we got a later-than-planned start, and we decided to stop at the Clearwater Marina […]